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Halloween Party Planner

If you're planning a Halloween Party this October, and need some fresh (and freaky) ideas for your buffet table, there's an app for that – it's called Halloween Party Planner, and its coming soon to your iPhone.

Created by a Scottish programmer and Spanish artist duo in Edinburgh, the app features backgrounds inspired by some of the city's more haunted locations, including Greyfriars Kirkyard, a place well known to ghost spotting aficionados for its spooky goings on.

Inside the app you'll find a host of fun and easy to make Halloween dishes, ranging from simple snacks and starters, to main meals, cakes and desserts, and a selection of traditional Halloween specialties from around the world.

In addition to assembling this creepy collection of recipes, illustrator Amanda Vazquez has produced a collection of 10 exclusive Halloween Party invitations, only available in this app. Those that prefer to communicate digitally these days will appreciate the ability to fill out the invitations on device and email to guests, but they are perfect for printing too.

Guaranteed to make your Halloween festivities a scream, Halloween Party Planner will be haunting the App Store from October 1st 2011 with all content included for just 69p, no mischievous additional purchases waiting to jump out and startle you!


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